Monday, August 9, 2021

Thrifty Geek's Library: All About Austen

 Hello book loving friends, 

Happy Book Lovers Day! I thought what better way to celebrate than with another Library post. Dang when was the last time I did one of these posts? Well I've been sitting on the idea of this one since last year, so today I'm finally going to do this. This whole post will be Jane Austen related. I'll be doing book reviews of Austen related books and share some Austen related links. So let's jump into it!


The books I'll be reviewing today are the from the Jane Fairfax series by Michael Thomas Ford. Now over the years I've seen Jane Austen's work done in various interesting ways, but this series puts a spin on the author herself. The Jane Austen in this series died way before her actual death, she was actually turned into a vampire a year before her "death". Well it's now modern times and Jane is now a simple book shop owner in New York state going by the name Jane Fairfax. Sound good so far? Well let's dive into this series, keep in mind I read these last year, and made the mistake of not writing my reviews close to the time of my reading it, so bare with me. 

Jane Bites Back

So as I said Jane is a book store owner in a small town, where she is getting to experience the Austen fandom at work. Her classics are popular as ever, there's weird Austen related books and items that she's now forced to sell in her store, and because she's "dead" she gets none of the royalties. On top of all of this she's been trying to get her next masterpiece publish for centuries, and it has been rejected over a hundred times. Just when it seems like she will never reclaim her former glory, she's given a chance. Of course old and new troubles find a way into her life.

I love this unique take on Jane Austen, she's a vampire first of all.  I mean yeah I seen her works get monstrous makeovers , but I don't think I've seen the author herself get one. I like seeing how Ford depicts Austen's opinions on what her work has brought to life. I can't tell you how many times I wonder what creators of the classics would think of what their works become and give birth to. I love also seeing Ford's portrayal of other classic writers who aren't so dead. It's interesting to see what immortality and the modern world does to our favorites. Also the whole Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte rivalry is touched upon in this book. Is their actually like some rivalry between fans of the two? Cause I feel like a lot of book themed works has their fans or the authors in some sort of rivalry. *ok found this article on seems Charlotte had some opinions on Austen's work. From what I can tell by this other article I found it could be cause two of the Bronte sister's works kept getting compared and over shadowed by Austen's work. At least that's what I take from it. Well explains so much in this book.* Any who great start to a series it had me from the description I read on the library's website. 

Jane Goes Batty-

 Jane's life is going good she's got a boyfriend, she's found literary success once again, one who's delights she can enjoy. Of course in every life some rain must fall. One being her new book is being made into a movie that's being filmed in her new hometown, and if that wasn't disrupting her life enough, her new beau is going to introduce her to his Mother. Which is just fun for Jane cause she's having to pass off as a normal modern day human! You all thought you had bad meet the Mom stories, Jane has it worse.

Also, poor Jane having to deal with the joys of modern fandom: excited fanatics, cosplayers, and people trying to milk off all it. I'm not 100 percent sure people back in the Regency Era took to dressing like book characters, of course I could be wrong, I mean I've never really looked into such this so I could be wrong. If I am let me know in the comments. But I mean if we see it from Jane's point of view, fame and how her work is marketed in her era compared to the modern era has to be vastly different. I mean one movies didn't exist so having your book propelled by having movie made of it was not an option, the first steps to movie making wouldn't happen till after real world Jane's death. So book's Jane had to feel bit overwhelmed. Back in the first book she had to attend a convention and do a panel, that must been different, was there an equivalent to these things back in Jane's day?

Jane Vows Vengeance-

Well Jane and her Beau are getting hitched. Due to the drama that is Jane's life they decided to do it in Europe. While their Jane learns some shocking secrets about her future husbands family, and a possibility to reclaim humanity. 

This was a good ending to the trilogy, awesome surprises, all good and tidied up at the end. But the ending also made me sad, which is weird, cause Jane is on the path to a potentially happy ending life, but I felt sad about it. I, maybe cause the possibility that she might be giving up the things that made her story up to this point a strange delightful journey, it could also just be the story ending I don't know. 

So that's our journey into the Jane Fairfax trilogy. I've totally added this books to the list of books I wanna add to my permanent library collection. If your an Austenite and a vampire fan then you really need to check out this series. I really hope Ford does more in this verse. Maybe do some books focusing on some of the other characters. I'd love to see from some of the other vampire Authors.


Pretty Things

Okay now I'll share some of my favorite Austen items I've come across for your digital window shopping pleasure, or your actual shopping pleasure if you have the monies. 

First of all is this lovely edition of Pride and Prejudice by Juniper books. I fell in love with this edition when I saw it at Michael's and after some hunting I found it again, It's my favorite book by her, but I've yet to obtain a physical copy, and this is the one I want for my library.

Next is this lovely leather journal by Soothi that bares an Austen quote. I love a journal, ask my family and friends. Gotta thank Facebook ads for leading me to this gem.

Lastly, you gotta have an Jane Austen action figure. Archie McPhee thankfully offers this among their zany action figures, apparently they have temporary Jane inspired tattoos too. 

Things to Watch

While watching an episode of Felicia Day's Flog a while back (I just linked to the playlist cause I have no clue which ep it is), she mentioned a show called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I eventually checked it out and fell in love. It's basically a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice where Lizzie is a college girl making a vlog, but the story isn't just vlogs, it was a multimedia event. Chracters had tumblr and twitter accounts that helped move the story along as if these characters really existed in our time, thankfully Pemberly Digital has gathered all the story across the platforms in order they appeared so you can follow it. I also encourage you to watch Emma Approved and Welcome to Sandition, which are retellings of Emma and Sandition, and take place in the same universe as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I highly recommend checking this out. 

Well after for many hours I have successfully completed an actual post! Yay me! To close this post all I can say if if you haven't read any of Austen's works give them a try, you maybe surprise. I mean back in high school if you told me I was going to be a fan of her books and actually have them in my library, I probably wouldn't have believed you. Glad I gave it a try, they are good, and I can see why they are classics.

I hope you have a good week, read lots, God bless, and I love you Geek Tribe.

*Thrifty Geek*

Monday, August 2, 2021

Monthly Randoms: July 2021, Supernatural, Vixella, and Soot Sprites

 Hello Friends,

I'm so disappointed in myself, I've been wanting to get back into making posts, I've managed on my socials but not here except the monthly randoms. I wanted to get to at least once a week, but I feel like I'm living in a daze and the days string together to the point I don't even know what day it is. I'm also having trouble focusing, which I think can be linked to my anxiety, but I'm also being currently tested for ADHD, since my ability to focus is getting worse. Hence why this post is late again and I'm struggling to focus just writing this.  Any who let's get to this month's monthly randoms.

Things to Watch:

So been watching Supernatural on TNT for the last couple days.  I still haven't seen all the eps, so the plan was to watch when they started back at the beginning, but they were only on season 9, so I said the heck with it. I know what you thinking how have I not seen them all? I just got into it a few years ago, and I don't have a streaming service or anything that allows me to watch from the beginning other than the TNT reruns. Speaking of which it's Gish week. One of my friends has signed up for it. She's been talking about doing and prepping for the event. 

I've started watching Vixella on Youtube, she's just this fun Youtuber. I was watching Laurenzside doing some new Sims video. It got me hankering for more, so I looked up more and found Vixella who's been mentioned on her vlog. I've watched a few and I've been enjoying them.

Seem's fidget toys are back in style, for better or worse, but a crafting Youtuber I follow aPasos Crafts DIY she recently made some homemade fidget toys. I love the egg one. Eggs are one of those food items that I think their products are cute, like sushi, just cute little food. 

I came across this One Shot Questers bit from last year where D&D meets Among Us. I love this two awesome games coming together. This is hilarious. 

Favorite of my Instagram Saves:

I saw my friend for the first time in months last month. She tells me that in her new space she has her Dean Winchester plush guarding her yarn stash. I was gonna ask her to send a picture of this. Lucky for me she posted it on her Instagram. He just looks like I've fought demons, angels, and monsters, now I'm guarding a Fangirl's yarn.

Random Things I've Found This Month:
So over at Epbot, she's been cranking out the crafts as usual, but she recently shared this cute post for DIY Soot Sprites!!!!!! I love the soot sprites! Their so cute!!!!!!

Ok that's my latest random. Hopefully I can get my butt in gear and start getting better about posting. I can hope right? So have fun with Gish those participating, God bless, and love you Geek Tribe!

*Thrifty Geek*

Friday, July 2, 2021

Monthly Randoms June 2021

 Hello Friends,

Sorry if June's is a little late I've just not been able to sit still long enough or focus long enough to do one on time. Plus not really a lot going on in June on my end. I usually have like a few links and stuff to share, but not last month. I felt like I was in a daze most of last month. 

Things I Want:

Tiny shelves... Yes you heard right. I want little shelves. I have various dressers and big shelves that I've just set stuff on, but most things are on one level, I want little shelves to put on them to create various heights. Plus I have received a bunch of Funko's at Christmas and some for my B-day and I need to create a space to display them. So I'm looking at thrift stores for something to use or I could do what Epbot did, but I fear I'd just mess it up. 

Things I'm Watching: 

Apart from my usual TV schedule which mostly consists of Good Witch, CW's Arrowverse, Legacies, Walker, New Charmed which I'm very behind on those last three. I've been watching a lot of Phineas and Ferb that DisneyXD channel has been marathoning. I actually had a funny moment where I woke up one day and the one where they cross over with Marvel is on, I can't sleep without the TV on, well I'm just laying there listening to the special and Red Skull comes on, but behind my closed eyes I'm not seeing that character I'm seeing Liam O'Brian doing Caleb Widowghaust, hope I spelt that right, from Campaign Two of Critical Role. For those not in the know Liam voices both and Red Skull we know has a German accent and when Caleb speaks in his native Zimmian accent Liam uses his German accent voice, so my just awakened brain was confused I guess, but when I realized what I done I just smiled. 

I have also been binging Helloiamkate on Youtube. I discovered watching Sundee's Among Us game play. It surprised me when one day a woman was in his game play cause it's usually all dudes. I got a kick out of her antics, so I was so happy to see she had her own channel. I've been watching her Among Us videos some of which contain her side of the videos I've already watched. I love when she's imposter she's like this ball of killing fluff. She goes hardcore on her fellow players will laughing and singing it's great. 

Music I'm Jamming To:

Rainin' Fellas by Toderick Hall- The infamous Toderick is back with a new album called Femuline. His first single from the album is awesome! I had to get the song once I saw the video my friend shared with me last month. I have been jamming heavily to this song for the last month. When Spotify does my top songs of the year this year it'll probably be up in the top five most listened. It's an awesome song, you totally need to listen to it. I saw on his tour dates he's going to be coming nearby and I'd love to go. Although not sure what to expect, if the stage performance will be like the video, so... let's say revealing. 

Top Instagram Save:

So my favorite picture is one my sister took while on her roadtrip of my furniece tapping into her inner cowgirl/dog. She just has this look that says "I so over this Mom."

Well that's it. That's all I got for you for lasts months random. I hope you all have a good weekend, have lots of adventures, God bless, till next time Geek Tribe.

*Thrifty Geek*

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

My Birth Story

Hello Friends,

This post was suppose to come out the day before my birthday, but the day before my birthday and most of my birthday I was physically sick and sleep deprived. So posting wasn't going to happen. I've been still trying to get back to normal from my sickness. So finally I'm ready to tell my b-day story. I've decided to extend my birthday celebrations, since I was sick, so still good to post this. 

Ok, so first things first I was born a month late. Yup, the Doctor my parents went to calculated my birthday wrong. Around the time I should have been born the doctor said I had another month. Well fast forward a month. It's the day before my birth, and my folks went camping with my Dad's brothers at a campground on the Cherokee Reservation. Well unknown to my parents who thinks all is still well with me, I'm actually dying. My system was poisoned and I had my cord wrapped around my neck. Well, my mother decided to take a dip in the campground pool, which turned out to be the smartest thing she could have done. The cold of the water made me jerk and according to Mom it wasn't a full water break, cause they had to break her water at the hospital, but a dribble that alerted her I was probably on the way. So my folks had to pack their stuff quick, and speed back to our county to our hospital. One of my uncles who had rode over with them was plastered to the back seat as the raced back. Well they got to the hospital, where they were into the next day, Some point the day I was born they realized my Mom wasn't going to be able to have me on her own, so they did a C-Section on her, and discovered I had the cord wrapped around my neck, I was gray, and upon further inspection showed all the signs of being a month old! The doctor who delivered me was not the same one my parents had been going to, so he saw the other Doctor's foul up. Well I obviously had to be incubated, and in the hospital a little bit. 

Yup, that is my birth story, crazy right? If it hadn't been for some cold water I might not be here. Thankfully everything worked out and I was born. 

Well, that's another post. It's not long one, but it is the promised birth story. Well, I hope you all have a good week, God bless, and love ya Geek tribe.

*Thrifty Geek*

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Monthly Randoms May 2021: Mental Health, life events, and Tornadoes

Hello my Friends,
I'm so sorry for the radio silence. I've been wanting to start getting back into writing on this blog, I have a back log of ideas to write, but the mental health hydra has been waving it's new head about. I was going through my second massive manic high that I've ever had that I know of. Like the first I was really happy, couldn't sit still long, and messed up my sleep. The first high in 2018 I would sleep 4 hours and be fine, but this time my body, which felt like was vibrating with energy, and my brain wouldn't settle, I could take a melatonin and it'd not have an effect, though we adjusted my dose and it seems to be working now. But at some point I hit like this weird in between state of manic high and maybe like regular anxiety. When I told my therapist that I was going through the manic high again, they upgraded me from just a mood imbalance to Bi Polar 2 . Since so many people are misdiagnosed with Bi Polar and in 2018 I'd only had that one major manic episode, though I think before that and since then I might have had some minor ones hard to tell if it was anxiety related or just creative juices getting me excited, cause if I get into creative mode I sometimes will stay up longer. But for a few days I got settled down sleep was back to normal, and just the regular amount of anxiety not letting me sit still long. But for a couple nights my sleep has been getting off again, and I hit a major inanity and depression yesterday that had me ugly crying, which has been a bit, and my anxiety is out of sorts and I'm really tired, but not sleepy tired. I fear I'm hitting the manic lows which I hope doesn't frell with my birthday coming up in a week. But all that not sitting still and focusing, plus trying to get back to book writing and just having my mind everywhere, and lack of want and being out of habit has got me off with writing this blog. I know I read somewhere offering explanations why you've not been posting is not really good, but this is my life. I have mental health problems, and I hope other people see this who maybe think their alone will see their not. It's a messy life that sometimes leaves you not posting on your blog for a month. Yes just looked my last post was the last Monthly Random. So with all that explanations out of the way let's get into the Monthly Random.

Events That Have or Will happen

Last month I forgot to mention my 4th Blogiversary, I started this blog in 2017. So yeah still limping along.

Next week as I've mentioned I'm leveling up, I saw that on Facebook refer to your birthday age as levels. Last year because we were three months into the pandemic I couldn't have my friend come over. I couldn't even tell you what we did last year. I live with my family thankfully so I wasn't alone, but it was weird not doing something for it. Usually my friend Fangirl takes me out for a few hours to do something cause while I have many family members just do cake and gifts and stay home, which I do the cakes and gift at my house, but I just feel a need to celebrate my life more. See I about didn't even make it into the world, I'll tell you the story in my birthday post, so I guess it's made me see the beauty of celebrating each year, plus I feel like it's my day. It's my one day out of the year I don't have to feel guilty about doing things the way I want. Well this year I'm not sure what's going to happen cause we can go out now, and I'll be vaccinated, but sadly Fangirl has been currently advised not to drive, cause she's got some unknown thing wrong with her and half her body is numb and they've yet to figure out what's wrong with her and I don't have my license, long story, so I can't pop in to see her, or go do something on my own to treat myself. When my folks brought it up the other day I hadn't really thought about my B-day and I was like, it'll probably be the same as last year not doing much cause Fangirl can't come, and my folks are home bodies, they only go out if they have to and also because we have a tank of a truck that takes a lot of gas, so going out has to be planned since were on a fixed income. But when birthday talk came up again, I pretty much said I won't be doing much since I can't go out and my Mother said Oh you'll be going out. So my folks have got something cooking, which has me actually intrigued about how they're going to make this special day, actually more special this year than I originally thought it'd be. 

Things I want

The Dream Keyboard-

Ok so last month I mentioned my dream keyboard. Well This Story Ain't Over has changed that. In a vlog of hers from February, I'm so behind on cleaning out my watch later YouTube Playlist. Well she got a new keyboard from Azio. I love this the classic typewriter look I love but back-lighting. If the rainbow backlit keyboard from last month could have a baby with this keyboard and it be an all black classic type keyboard with rainbow backlit, it'd be the perfect keyboard. If any of you comes across something like this let me know. 

Author's Dream Pen and Ink Set-
I have always wanted to have a fountain pen. Well a Facebook ad led me to discover Truphae Inc  that has lead me to my dream pen and ink set. I think if I ever got a book published and did signings I think it'd be fun if it was possible and I perfected my hand writing and learned how to use this pen to sign books in this way to add a bit of flair.
The pen is a Benu Scepter Fountain Pen. While blue is my favorite color, I found I loved this glaxayish colored pen the most, it's probably cause it reminds me of this galaxy ink pen with foil art and writing on it I saw in a dream and I'm bound and determined to find it's real world equivalent. This pen isn't it, but it gives me the same vibes.
And of course what is a pen without ink. My favorite on the site  is the Robert Oster Blue Black Ink it reminds me at the sky at night. I wish I could get one of the multi colored ones in colors similar to the colors of a sunset. That'd be perfect, but this is gorgeous too.

Favorite of the Deviantart Likes

My first is this piece called Tea with Owls by one of my favorite artists I follow Saimain. I love owls so this one got me all excited. I love this artist's work. I started following them back in college I think when they were showing off their art the made for what was going to be their novel. I also love their fan art especially the Doctor Who. When they had them I wanted to get a small print or card of their Time and Space piece. 

Then there's a new to me artists Lun-art who is doing some amazing fan art. I first saw their Crowley from Supernatural and they've done our favorite angel in the Garrison Castiel. They also have some Doctor Who as well with the Tenth Doctor

Check these artist other works out, you won't be disappointed they are amazing!


Favorite of My Instagram Saves 

My first offering is of the sisters of Junk G. I love their outfits especially Aime's. I love some of their outfits and products. Miss their show.

Next we have the Mistress of the Manners of the Gothic Charm school celebrating getting her vaccination in Gothy stye

 Random Things I've Found This Month


I recently watched this BasehuntersChasing video from a active day they had in 2011. I find Tornados fascinating, yet scary, meaning I probably won't be pulling a storm chaser if we get a rare one here in the backwoods (mountains can be very useful). I think the fascination started  in the 90's cause we had allot of Tornado movies on the big and small screen about the time I was in Middle School.

Russian Tea-

Next is this Southern Living article about Russian Tea. This is not traditional Russian Tea this is the tea that is now a Southern staple. It's the only way you can get we to drink ice tea type of teas. I know it's rare, but I'm a southerner who's not crazy about iced tea, bleh. Mom keeps a jar of the mix on the counter, and the recipe in her recipe box. The first article I saw on it's history was on Atlas Obscura.

And that closes another Monthly Random. I hope your week is good. I gotta get off here and reconstruct my entire book series' timeline and story notes and ideas document. I saved it last night and when I brought it up today when I went to work on my book outline, the page was blank. Thankfully some of it is in my physical notebook. So I can piece it back together hopefully. Writer struggles am I right? Well have a good night, God bless, and Love ya Geek Tribe!

*Thrifty Geek* 

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Monthly Randoms April 2021- California Dreams, Neon Pegasus, and So Weird

 Hey friends,

Sorry slowly getting back into the swing of things on here. I have a list of post ideas and then days just blend together and I lose track. So here I'm back with another post! 

You know I do posts where I just talk on things going on or I'm into at the moment, kinda like Running in a Skirt and Austin Kleon does in his newsletter, well I'm going to make that a monthly thing. Once a month generally toward the latter part of the month I'll do a post of random things I wanna talk about from the month. So here's the first one.

Things I want to get:

California Dreams Soundtrack-

Thanks to I'm Stuck in 1999 over on Tumblr I have got a desire to find the California Dreams CD again. Their theme song was amazing and I have a yearning to hear it again. I hope I can get lucky and find one on Amazon or Ebay, or Thrift shopping, cause it's become somewhat of a rarity to find now. If you don't know know who they are California Dreams was a show in the 90's that came on along with Saved by the Bell. It was a bout a band called, you guessed it, California Dreams. As someone who use to want to do music as a career this was a favorite thing for me to watch. 

The "Lunar" Box from TheraBox-

I came across the Therabox thanks to Facebook ads, thinking about doing a post or more on some of my finds through these ads, and I am drooling over the "Lunar" box from the site. There's a few things in this box that I'd like to have. There's the Aminnah Skincare: Stardust Skies whipped body butter that just looks pretty, I'd almost be afraid to use it, but it sounds like it'd be awesome on my dry elbows. I also like the Happy Shoppe Manifest Your Dreams Notepad. I just think it'd been something I'd like to try.

Posi Vibes Fortune-Telling Dice by Rose Lazar-

Another site I came across thanks to Facebook ads is Smudge and they had a Posivibes kit that included these cute fortune telling dice. I was more interested in this dice so I found them being sold alone

Rainbow Keyboard and Mouse-

When I was shopping around for a new computer tower on Walmart I came across this Rainbow Keyboard and Mouse set. This is my dream keyboard/mouse set up. Then when I was pricing a tower in person at Best Buy I saw one in person. It was so beautiful.

Wonder Woman Mini Comics-

Wonder Woman is my top superhero. Well there's some mini comics of hers I wanna find.

Wonder Woman and the Star Riders vs. Purrsia #1- The first one I know I had at one point, it's probably kicking around my stored collection, but if not I wanna get it again because this was my very first Wonder woman comic. In 1993 Kellogg's Cinnamon Mini Buns Cereal had mini comics in their cereal. My sister I remember had the Flash one, he's one of her favorite superheroes, and I got Wonder Woman. I do hope I find it, so I don't have to pay out the nose to replace it.

General Mills cereals Justice League mini comics and cereal box - In searching for the previously mentioned comic I learned in 2017 General Mills released special edition Justice league boxes with one of four comics inside. I'd like to have gotten the Wonder Woman box and at least one comic for the Wonder Woman portion of my collection.  

Music I'm jamming to:

Neon Pegasus by Perry Gripp- Once upon a bologna sandwich my friend sent me a link to this music video telling me it reminded her of me. I loved it. Well earlier this month got to listening to it a lot again. The Neon Pegasus is definitely my aesthetic, dark and colorful, and so my Patronus, though unlike in the video my Pegasus would have neon stars on it's flank. 

How Do You Do (Pop Airplay Edit)- Cascada- Probably my favorite Cascada song. This is the only version I've found on Spotify so far, that I like,  that has all the lyrics.

If I Ruled the World- Big Time Rush with Iyaz- I've been jamming to this lately. I just wanna get up an dance to it, yeah I know it's from an old Nickelodeon show, but I'm the type is I jam to whatever music stirs my heart up.

The rest of the music is I guess what you'd call Supernatural adjacent.

Angel With a Shot Gun- The Cab- Poking around the Supernatural internet spaces I heard this song mentioned a few times by Destiel shippers. I finally gave it a listen. This. Is. An. Awesome. Song! I'm like rocking out so hard to it I'm getting weird looks from people when they see me do it.

Crazy Love- Jason Manns -So I've heard the through my fellow Supernatural peeps that Jenson Ackles sang this song. Well recently in my suggest Youtube videos I saw this video in which Jenson joins Jason Manns in singing it. So figuring no version of their's existed I found the original Van Morrison version and would listen to it. Well I discovered Manns had a Spotify page so I went and looked and he does have his version of the song on there, sadly not the version with Jenson.

 The Joker- Jason Manns and Jenson Ackles- I use to watch That 70's Show and there was a musical episode that included the gang singing this song, and I liked it. Well found the original version by the Steve Miller Band and listen to it, well few days ago was exploring what Jason Mann had to offer and found a version with Jenson Ackles. I love it! If you love Jenson's singing, this is a great song that displays that.

Things to Watch:

As we all know Disney has it's own streaming service, well in some of their commercials for it I knew they were going to show the old Disney Channel Movies I watched growing up. Well I wondered if they would be showing the older Disney channel original series from like when they first started doing that. Basically wondering if they were going to show So Weird my favorite of all original Disney Channel programming, well I've discovered they are! Sadly I can't afford streaming services, but knowing when/if I do stuff like this is possible to see again. If you've never seen it check it out. It's about a girl who travels the country with her rock star Mom, and come across the strange things of the universe. It also had amazing music, but sadly this predated the days Disney Channel made soundtrack CDs for the TV shows and movies. *pouts*

Favorite of my Instagram Saves:

Each month I'll try to share a link or two to my favorite Instagram saves. Well this month I'm sharing my favorites of all I've saved thus far.

The first one is from this month that the Pioneer Woman put out on or around Easter. I think it's just cute. This dog nose surrounded by beautifully colored eggs. It's just cute.

Jenna Ezarik, iJustine's sister, captures this beautiful beach view, I'd love to see sunset on the west coast.

My peeps at Morgan's comics shared this Skittles quote from Morgan Albritton, very deep and true.

Musician/Singer SJ Tucker has a beautiful new guitar I'm drooling over.

My Fur niece making the weirdest faces on a mini road trip a while back.

A little Junk G knowledge for those star shaped people.

Things that are annoying me:

People who decide to blast people for what they like, or telling people there's something not right about a person if they love something.  I've covered this on some of the socials, and at this point of the night/morning my frustration has burned down a bit, but it still bugs me.

Dang finally got through that. I've been writing on this for hours. Not only is there a lot of links to go through where I guess I'm on the high side of my newly officially diagnosed Bipolar 2 disorder, they'd only called it a mood disorder not wanting to misdiagnosed me, but since this is my second major high episode, my therapist is pretty sure I have that on top of everything else my mental health hydra goes through, yes another head ya'll. But I did it, and I hope you like. What are somethings you doing right now? Let me know in the comments. 

I hope you have a good weekend, embrace your tribe, and God bless you!

*Thrifty Geek* and Vampire >vv< Kitty

Friday, April 9, 2021

Universe Messages

Happy Friday friends,

I've had time in my life where messages are sent pretty clear my way, be it God the universe, whatever you believe. There's just moments where it's clear the universe is sending you a message, generally something you need. 
One time I was sitting on my porch I guess I was feeling a little down about everything and a song I hadn't listened to, nor thought about in years, popped into my head. It was S Club 7's "Bring It All Back". I was singing it to myself and it filled me with hope. 
Another time I had Jordin Spark's "One Step At a Time" stuck in my head while I was out running errands with my Grandmother and to get it out of my head I actually started singing "Bring It All Back", well got it out of my head and we went to Food Lion and at some point out their speakers came
"One Step At a Time"when it hit me what I was listening to I'm like okay apparently the universe wants me really listen to this. It's a powerful message. If you have a Spotify account click on the link on the right that says Thrifty Geek's Jams Spotify Playlist and you'll find them on it if you want to.

Sometimes messages come in objects. I was standing near the stove and guess I got lost in thought, don't know if it was my usual mind wonderings or lost in sad thoughts, but I came back to reality and I noticed I'd been staring at this blue ceramic bird my Mom has up on the shelf above the stove that has the word "live" in black on the side. I just felt this feeling come over me saying hey important message here. Which I take to say really live your life.

Well here in the last few hours the universe decided it needed to throw me another message or two.
 I'm going to be frank been feeling pretty low my friends. Life has kicked me around one too many times. Everything is bad, and I'd pretty much determined I'm not meant to be happy in my life. I was just destined to be nothing since so many of my attempts at achieving my dreams or taking steps to making a better life failed. Well I was fiddling with my tablet and saw the Janet Chui Self-Love Oracle Cards App I have on there and decided let's just draw a card. The 3. You are worthy was what I got. Basically the gist of the card explanation is open myself up, feel my worth, and see all that I have in my life (Chui). I'm like crap the universe is calling me out! Then I was shuffling through my craft drawer and found a bad of clear glass pebbles and I found some I'd added two types of clear nail polish with metallic rainbow flecks on the back. Simply Nailogical would say "HOLO!" at this moment. Well it makes the whole pebble look like it has rainbow fleck in it. Even in my darkness I felt maybe a little my own sparkle come back. It just felt like the universe was once again was saying something.

So yeah lots of messages being dropped at me. What sort of messages have you been dropped in your life? Let me know in the comments. I hope you have a good weekend, smile, and God bless you!

*Thrifty Geek*